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Live Bald Eagle Cam List as of May, 2018

It’s Bald Eagle nesting season again and to celebrate, we’ve scoured the web and have found over 33 live bald eagle webcams with streaming video for your enjoyment.  That’s right.  There are a ton of eagles out there to watch all from the comfort of your home or mobile device.  Last updated May, 2018.  If there are any other cameras you think should be included in this list, feel free to let us know at the end of the article.

Please keep this bookmarked as more Eagles will be added soon!  🙂

Decorah Eagles

The Decorah Eagles cams are located in Decorah, Iowa near a trout hatchery.  There are two you can watch with streaming video and sound – the main one and the Decorah North webcam.  Both have excellent quality video and night vision so you can view around the clock.

Watch Cam #1 | Watch Cam #2

Glacier Gardens Bald Eagle Nest Cam

This bald eagle webcam is located at Glacier Gardens in Juneau, Alaska and gives you a live view of a nest that was built by a pair of eagles back in 2004.  The camera has been in operation since 2010.

Watch the Glacier Gardens Eagle Web Cam

Minnesota Bound Live Bald Eagle Cam

This camera is located in Minnesota courtesy of Minnesota Bound and Broadband Corporation.  This site uses Ustream so may require a little “tinkering” with your browser to get to work properly.  If one browser doesn’t work, try another such as Firefox.

Watch the Minnesota Bound Eagle Cam

Catalina Island Bald Eagle Cams

There are two eagle cameras located on Catalina Island in California.  The West End and Two Harbors.  Both have HD live streaming video, audio and infrared night vision options.  This nest has been in business since 1991 and online since 2005.

Watch the West End Eagle CamWatch the Two Harbors Eagle Cam

Avon Lake Bald Eagles

This webcam broadcasts from a nest at Redwood Elementary School in Avon Lake using YouTube.  Well done to the students and staff that put this together!

Watch the Avon Lake Bald Eagle Cam

Dollywood Bald Eagle Nest Cams

Located at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN and has two different live streams you can watch.  One of nesting pair Mrs. Jefferson & Isaiah, the other of Glenda & Grant.  Both have audio and can be viewed day or night and include a live chat option.

Watch the Dollywood Bald Eagle Cams

Sauces Bald Eagles

This bald eagle live stream is located on Santa Cruz Island near southern California.  Watch the newly hatched eaglets and parents along with beautiful views of Channel Islands National Park.  Features streaming video, audio and can be viewed day or night.

Watch the Sauces Bald Eagle Webcam

Standley Lake Eagle Cam

Live stream located in the city of Westminster, Colorado at Standley Lake Regional Park.  This camera is only viewable during the daytime and may require you to update Flash or try different web browsers to work properly.

Watch the Standley Lake Eagle Cam

Northeast Florida Bald Eagle Nest Cam

There are three webcams from different angles that feature nesting pair Romeo and Juliet on the Northeast Florida coast.  Cameras have streaming video, audio and visible day and night.  Chat room also available so you can talk to other eagle lovers around the world.  🙂

Watch the NE Florida Bald Eagle Cams

Fraser Point Bald Eagle Camera

Located on Santa Cruz Island, the Frazer Point webcam features live streaming video, audio and day/night viewing on YouTube.  This nesting pair has been visiting since 2012.

Watch the Fraser Point Bald Eagle Cam

Arconic Eagle Cameras

Located near Davenport, Iowa, this site has two cameras (tree top and nest view) with streaming video and can be viewed day or night.  Brought to you by Arconic, over the years there have been 12 baby eaglets that have fledged the nest.

Watch the Arconic Eagle Cameras

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

This is the 6th season for the Southwest Florida Eagle webcam brought to you by Dick Pritchett Real Estate.  Watch the nesting pair named Harriet and M15 with streaming video, audio and day/night visibility.  Also includes a chat room and regular updates as to what the eagles are up to.

Currently there are three different cams available showing different viewpoints.

Watch: Cam 1 | Cam 2 | Cam 3

National Conservation Training Center Bald Eagle Webcam

The NCTC Eagle Cam is located in Shepherdstown, WV along the Potomac River and has been in business since 2005.  Currently the camera only show still images that update about every 30 seconds.  This could be a temporary issue, so keep checking the site for updates.

View the NCTC Eagle Cam

Hays Bald Eagles Live Stream

This site has two bald eagle webcams located only 5 miles from Pittsburgh, PA near the Monongahela River.  You can view the Harmar stream or the Hays live cam both on YouTube with video visible during day or night.  Chat room also available.

Watch the Pittsburg Bald Eagles

ND-LEEF Bald Eagle Cam

The ND-LEEF In-Nest Eagle Cam is located at St. Patrick’s County Park in South Bend, Indiana courtesy of University of Notre Dame.  In 2018, two eagles have hatched.  This camera is only visible during the daytime.

Watch the ND-LEEF Bald Eagle Cam

Miles City, Montana Eagle Camera

This is brought to you by the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks department.  Watch a live stream of a pair of nesting Bald Eagles.  You can watch day or night, but initially getting the webcam to work may require some initial tweaking with your browser.  As usual, experiment with different browsers and/or make sure Flash is updated, etc.

Watch the Miles City, MT Eagle Cam

Washington DC Arboretum Eagle Nest Cams

On this website you can view the nesting pair named “Mr. President” and “The First Lady” in their nest at the United States National Arboretum.  In 2018, two eaglets have hatched – DC6 & DC7.  Two webcam angles, a chat room and live Q&A sessions are available.

Watch the Washington DC Bald Eagle Cams

City of Kenai Eagle Cam

This bald eagle webcam is brought to you by the City of Kenai, Alaska as well as the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.  This is an amazing high quality stream with HD video and audio.  I just checked out the stream and as of this writing see two eggs in the nest.  You can also join the webcam’s Facebook page to read the latest updates, view screenshots and more.

Watch the Kenai, Alaska Eagle Cam
Visit the Kenai Eagle Cam Facebook Group

Dale Hollow Eagles

The Dale Hollow Eagle Cam is located near the Kentucky/Tennessee state line at a nest near Dale Hollow Lake.  Live feed is viewable around the clock with sound!

Watch the Dale Hollow Eagle Cam

Smoky Mountain Bald Eagle Nest Cam

Nestled in the Smoky Mountains near Sevierville, Tennessee, watch nesting pair Lady Independence and Sir Hatcher II on two different cameras.  Beautiful quality with full color, audio and streaming video.  Please help keep an eye on these eagles as there have been two incidents where they have accidentally swallowed fishing line.  If you suspect this, please help report it.

Watch the Lady Independence and Sir Hatcher II Eagle Cams

Hancock Wildlife Foundation Bald Eagle Cameras

Broadcast live from Delta, British Columbia are two cameras with streaming video, audio and also viewable on YouTube.  The eagles have been nesting since the late 90’s.  Currently there are two eaglets in the nest.  As I write this they are eating a rabbit.

Visit the HWF Eagle Cam Website | Watch Cam 1 on YouTube | Watch Cam 2 on YouTube

San Clemente Island Nest

This webcam is located at Big Bear Lake, California in the San Bernardino Forest.  Not 100% sure if the cam is still live this year (2018) as “Stormy” may have already left the nest.  Please check their “Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam” Facebook page for latest news, photos, videos and current status.

Watch the Sam Clemente Island Eagle Cam

2018 Ann Arbor Bald Eagles

This is a simple YouTube stream run by Rob Staples that may be up and may be down.  The address may change from time to time as well.  Located in a neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan watch two Bald Eagle eaglets and their parents from a ground up perspective.

Watch the 2018 Ann Arbor Eagle Cam

Liberty and Justice Eagle Cam

Brought to you by Earth Conservation Corps, MPDC and Eagles4Kids, this webcam is located near the Police Academy in Washington DC.  The nesting pair are named Liberty and Justice and have used this nest since 2004.  Camera has streaming video, sound and can also be viewed at night.  Watch and chat with other eagle lovers from around the world.

Watch the ECC Eagle Webcam

Stewards of the Upper Mississippi River Eagle Live Stream

This eagle cam is located near Fulton, Illinois in the backwaters of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.  Camera may require a bit of tech tweaking to get working properly.  Check to make sure Adobe Flash is updated/enabled.   If that doesn’t work experiment with different web browsers.  As of April 19 there is one eaglet that has survived.

Watch the Stewards UMRR Eagle Webcam

ETSU Johnson City Bald Eagle Cam

Located in Johnson City, Tennessee, this site has two cameras to watch the eaglets and nesting pair Noshi and Shima day and night.  It doesn’t appear to have audio.  The nest is situated along Boone Lake.  They also have a companion Facebook page to allow you to get the latest news, photos and videos from the nest.  Video requires Flash so you may need to make sure it is active or try different browsers if it doesn’t work for you.

Watch the ETSU Johnson City Bald Eagle Cam