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Native to Africa, Giraffes are the tallest living terrestrial mammal in the world.  On this page, we’ve rounded up 24 of the best live giraffe webcams located all around the world.  Most located at various zoos, but others located in Africa in the wild or at a giraffe sanctuary.

Most of these giraffe cams have live streaming video, but a few are still image cameras that update every 30 seconds or so.  Some of the easiest to watch or on YouTube and should work easily on your computer or mobile device.  If you can’t get a specific one to work, you may be prompted to update Flash before you can view the live video feed.

Ok, I’ve got it!  Now, take me to the giraffes!

African River Wildlife Camera

This live giraffe webcam is located at the Mpala Research Centre in Kenya, Africa.  Has full color video and audio and is viewable on YouTube.  The camera position will move around from time to time until wildlife is spotted.  In addition to giraffe, you may see other wildlife such as elephants, zebra, water buffalo, hippos and more.  Watch the cam in the early morning local time to see a beautiful sunrise.

Watch the African River Wildlife Cam


Stewards of Wildlife Conservation Giraffe Cam

Located in Uvalde, Texas, the Stewards of Wildlife Conservation brings you this webcam where you can see reticulated giraffe as well as other African animals such as gazelle, zebra, kudu, wildebeest and more.  At the time of this writing, the link says “live lemur cam” but currently it is focused on giraffes.

Watch the Stewards of Wildlife Conservation Webcam

Masai Giraffe Cam at Greenville Zoo

Greenville Giraffe Webcam

Greenville Giraffe Webcam

This webcam is located at the Greenville Zoo in Greenville, South Carolina.  There are two views to choose from, one lets you see the giraffes Autumn, Miles and their calves in the barn and the second lets you see them on the Paddock Cam.  Both have streaming video.

Watch the Greenville Zoo Giraffe Webcams



Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Giraffe Webcam


giraffe cam

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has two giraffe webcams to choose from.  One gives an indoor view of the Birth Cam – should the occasion arise that a pregnant giraffe will be having a baby.

The other camera gives an outdoor view of the giraffe and human habitat.  I couldn’t resist 🙂

The zoo is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and is home to a herd of seventeen reticulated giraffes.

Visit the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Cam Website | Watch the BirthCam on YouTube | Watch the Outdoor Cam on YouTube

McGovern Giraffe Cam at the Houston Zoo

This camera gives a live view of the McGovern Giraffe Habitat in the Houston Zoo.  Has live streaming video and can be viewed day and night.  As an added bonus, it
can also be remotely controlled so you can pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ)!  Other controls include full screen and the ability to take snapshots.  You may view the giraffe feeding platform, barn entrances, hanging hay feeder and more.

Watch the Giraffes at the Houston Zoo

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Webcams

Animal Adventure Park is located in Harpursville, NY and home of April the Giraffe.  You may have heard of April before as she is the giraffe that went
viral and also know as April the Pregnant Giraffe. 🙂

Currently, they have a live streaming webcam using YouTube with chat enabled where you can watch April, Oliver and Tajiri.  The camera changes views depending on the time of day so
you may see the barn or you may see the outdoors.

Watch the Animal Adventure Park Giraffes

Giraffe Lodge Webcam at Port Lympne, Kent, UK

Watch Rothschild giraffe and baby giraffe on this live stream that comes to you from the Giraffe Lodge in Kent, UK using YouTube.  The video stream location changes from time to time, so we are including a link
to the main Aspinall Foundation YouTube channel.  From there, just look for the video that should have a “Live Now” red icon by it.

Currently, there are two giraffe calves they may be born soon, so keep an eye on this one!  The parents are named Lehana and Valentino.

Watch the Giraffe Lodge Live Stream on YouTube

Topeka Zoo Giraffes

Topeka Zoo Giraffe Cam

Topeka Zoo Giraffe Cam

The Topeka Zoo in Kansas has four outstanding, high quality giraffe cams where you can watch Hope, Abi and Sarge.  Currently Hope and Abi will be having baby giraffes any time now as of June 2018.  You can watch with chat on YouTube or visit the official web site.  The viewing angles include two outdoor cameras and two that are indoors.  All cameras operate 24 hours a day.




Folly Farm Giraffes

This giraffe webcam is located at Folly Farms, a zoo in Begelly, Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, UK.  Watch three Rothschild hybrid giraffes named Taharqa, Sillan and Rian.  The view is located outdoors, so keep the local time in mind if it is dark.  Also, the stream may require a little additional tweaking with Flash.  If you have problems, just try a different browser or make sure you have the latest version of Flash.

Watch the Folly Farm Giraffe Cam


Africam is the best African wildlife live cam site you will likely find on the Internet.  They have been around for many years and hopefully will be around many more.  Currently they have six different webcams to choose from.  You can also see some of the latest video highlights and best photos recently taken.  Cameras can also be viewed at night.  Did I mention audio is also included?  🙂

Watch the Africam Webcams


San Diego Zoo Giraffes

This webcam is located at the African Plains habitat in the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  You can watch day or night and it also has the option to take a snapshot to send an electronic postcard to friends or family.  Please note you may see other wildlife such as Rhinos, etc.

Watch the San Diego Zoo Giraffes

Marwell Zoo Giraffe Cam

This one is located at the Marwell Zoo in Winchester, Hampshire, UK.  Unfortunately there is no streaming video available on this cam and appears to be a still image only webcam instead that updates every so often.

Watch the Marwell Zoo Cam (click the camera on the right side of the page and it will pop up)



El Paso Zoo Giraffes

Last but not least, our last camera is located at the El Paso Zoo in Texas and gives a nice wide view of the giraffe habitat feeding area.  Currently there are three male giraffes named Bonsu, Juma and AJ.  Both cameras can be viewed during the day and night.

Watch the Giraffe Habitat Cam | Watch the Giraffe Feeding Area Cam

If you have enjoy this page, please help give the Giraffes some extra love and share it with your friends and family!  Check back often as we will add to this site as often as possible.  🙂